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What is the OZ Gold Card?

The OZ Gold Card is a membership card (NOT a credit or debit card) that can be used anywhere in Bangladesh where you see the OFFER ZONE BD Acceptance Mark. Registration for the card is quick and easy. The fees of the membership is TK 2000 for one year which is renewable and the first 5000 member can register for special discounted fee of TK 1000 instead of 2000 for OZ GOLD Membership.  Once you join us, you will get a membership card after approval of your application. You will get discounts or benefits by showing the card when you shopping at our retail partners. Spreed this word and earn money for your reference every year repeatedly if your referred member renew their membership and your membership also not expired. 

What is the OZ Diamond Card?

Not Available Now.

What is the OZ Green Card?

This is a promotional card. It's offer will be for a certain time or period. It will introduce on demand of Merchant and their offer. 

Can I register straight away?

Yes, you are eligible as long as you are not below 15 years old Bangladeshi national and have an valid e-mail address.

Do I have to pay to be a member of Offer Zone BD?

Green Membership is totally free and The fee is TK 2000 and 5000 for Gold and Diamond membership accordingly.

Do I have to pay to have an OZ Gold, Diamond or Green Card?

You have to pay only for being a member. The fee is TK 2000 for gold member and 5000 for Diamond membership. Green card is a promotional card. Green card price may very..

Where can I use my card?

Your card is accepted anywhere you see the OFFER ZONE BD Acceptance mark.

Can I use it for shopping on-line?

Yes your OZ membership Card is acceptable at most on-line retailers. You can also use it in-store.

Can I access my account online?

Yes. Your online account can be accessed by login at www.offerzonebd.com. You can edit your personal details as well asset up SMS alerts.

How do I get local discounts using my OZ Membership Card?

The OZ membership Card carries a unique OFFER ZONE BD logo.Many More local businesses have signed-up to the scheme. These retailers recognize the "OFFER ZONE BD" logo and will give you the agreed discount when they see the logo on your card as you present it at the time of payment -click here for the full list of discounts offer lists

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

You must notify us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. Please call 09639 001022.

Can I use my card abroad?

No. You can use it only in Bangladesh.

Will the range of retailer partners and their offers, rates change?

Occasionally we do add or remove new partners but always aim to offer a comprehensive range of outlets where you can get discounts. Whilst we can't rule out any change governed by market forces, we will endeavor to maintain our current rates wherever possible. Please check the web site which maintains an up to date listing and any amendments to the retail partner list and discount rates.

Why should I login to offerzonebd.com site every time?

Once you are logged in to our site, you are automatically linked to our network of retailer shops online and you are then identified by our partner shops, thus tracking your purchase becomes possible.

If you are not logged into our site, our partners will not give discount for your purchases. Therefore, you have to log in to our site every time you want to make a purchase and get discount.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, we help our members by providing continuous support to get discount and utilize our free service; nevertheless, if you wish to terminate your membership, you can do this anytime by just sending us a support ticket.

Can I have more than one Account?

Our terms and conditions clearly state that an individual can have only one account; therefore, it is not possible for you to have more than one account. The online merchants who have partnered with us have done sounder the explicit understanding that they will provide service to only one account per person registered with us. Any violation of our terms and conditions in this regard will lead to suspension of the account without any prior notice.

What should I do if I have forgotten or lost my password?

Just enter your email-id get your password via email by clicking "Forgot Password?"

Can my friends or family members use my Card?

No. if you want anyone else to enjoy our fantastic offers,and discounts we arrange for you, you must refer the person your friend and you will receive free cash as commission from us for the referral. Please see the Career in this regard.

Nobody is allowed to use YOUR Card for their shopping online or in store. If they procure under a different name, we cannot provide support for these sales and we will not process their inquiries.

Is there a time frame for reporting missing card?

Yes, as you will understand it is impossible to chase up any missing cards that are too old. Therefore, if you have any missing card you must report this to us within 2 months. Simply submit a ticket to our help desk with all the relevant details.

How do I contact you?

All you have to do is submit a ticket at our Help Desk. We will respond to your query within 24 hours on weekdays.

Who can be a member of offerzonebd.com?

If you are a 15+ and a Bangladeshi National and agree with our terms & conditions then pay your desire membership fee and register to join us.

Is your site safe and secure?

Our site is entirely safe and protected. You need not have any concerns about this. As a policy, we do not seek information about your credit cards or bank accounts. For whatever information you do furnish us with,we make sure that the data is handled carefully and will never be shared with anybody except under orders in accordance with the law.

How do you deal with fraud or misuse?

Please note that this site is only open for residents in Bangladesh who are over 15. Only one account is allowed per person. We have security systems in place to detect suspicious activities, and if we find anyone breaching our Terms and Conditions in anyway, the members accounts will be suspended without notice and no discount they will get. In most cases, our systems will automatically suspend members with suspicious activities. Please understand that we have to do this to protect the interest of our members and our online merchant partners.

Do you need my credit card or financial details?

We will never ask for any of your credit card or financial details, since we do not take any payments from you. You only need to provide your valid address to ensure you reside in Bangladesh.

Would it be cheaper to buy directly from the retailers?

You pay the same price either way, but if you use a special offer or voucher code on our website for purchasing goods, you may find it cheaper than buying directly from the retailers. Retailers never ask you to pay additional charges for shopping through our site. We give you the latest offers, exclusive deals, and fabulous discount voucher codes besides EXTRA discounts.

We will negotiate more benefit and cheaper deals with the retailers, as the purchasing power of our members grow. You do the same online shopping, but with same or even better prices along with EXTRA benefit. It is as simple as that!

I sent a ticket but you haven't replied to me, why?

We reply to every ticket submitted to our help desk within 24 working hours. If you have not received a reply within this time please check your spam folder. Also please add supportzone@odexzone.com to your contact list to ensure you get our replies.

I cannot log in, even though I used the correct user name and password, why?

You may need to enable your cookies on your browser. If you have cookies disabled on your computer, we and our partners will not be able to track your purchase and pay you any cash back. These cookies are also useful to identify you when you visit our site. So please make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser. If you have any more problems, please let us know by sending a support ticket.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password in your profile page after logging in to your account. Alternatively, you may also submit a support ticket if you want to us to reset the password for you.

How do I change my email id?

You can change your email id in your profile page after logging in to your account. Alternatively, you may also submit a support ticket if you want to change your email id.

I did not get a reply from you for my ticket!

This is very rare and has only happened twice before, on both occasions it was due to our member's email settings. So please check your spam folder and add our email address to your "allow" list or"contacts" list. We reply to all your support tickets within 24 working hours, and more often within a few hours. We have already provided this level of service to thousands of happy members.

How do I get discount and benefits?

You can get discounts or benefits in various ways, like 5%discount on total bill or on selective product or on minimum bill of TK 1000 or buy one get one free or earn point on every purchase 100 TK =1 point = 1 TK, or get gift voucher for next purchase and get 5% discount etc.

Is there a minimum purchase I need to make for getting cashback?

It depends on Merchant Offer

Why is cashback failed or reversed?

This happens when our partner retailers have analyzed the sale/lead and decided not to pay any discount or benefit. This could be due to one of the following reasons:

1.            You have returned the goods or canceled the services during the returns period.

2.            Your credit/debit card was rejected.

3.            You did not satisfy the conditions of the merchant.

Only a few merchants have conditions. In these cases, we will describe the merchant description or put on view a "conditions"link where you can look at the conditions attached to the offer.

Why has a merchants discount rate changed?

In accordance with the changing market conditions, Merchants can also change their discount rate and terms & conditions. As they change their terms & conditions, we update those on our site accordingly. Always check out the latest terms on our discount shopping directory for clarifications.

Need help?

Hotline: 09639 001022

Support email: supportzone@offerzonebd.com



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