Merchant FAQs

1. What is Merchant?

If you are the owner or a manager of a company (e.g. restaurant, fashion outlet, hotel, e-Commerce etc.), then you can become a Merchant in Offer Zone

2. How Offer Zone can help in increasing sales and revenue for Merchants?

Offer Zone offers customers to discover the best available offers or discounts in the market through its partners or merchants, resulting into lots of saving, better living to customers and enhance merchant business. So, if you are an Offer Zone Merchant, then you are in the driving force to increase your sales and revenue. Apart from your regular visitors, you can expect a large number of additional customers to your business through Offer Zone. As a consequence of getting those additional customers through Offer Zone, sales and revenue will eventually get positive boosts to increase.

3. What are the requirements to become Merchant?

  • Business with valid trade license
  • Valid business address, contact number and e-mail address
  • Dedicated contact person
  • Fixed price shop / store

4. Do I have to pay Offer Zone to become a merchant?

NO, it’s absolutely FREE for Offer Zone merchant to market, sell and increase revenue.

5. How can I become an Offer Zone merchant?

  • Visit or download Offer Zone app from (google & apple store)
  • Fill the required blank fields with proper information
  • Set discount % or offer to the customer (Recommended higher discount or offer than regular)
  • Then Click on the “Save” button and be a registered Offer Zone Merchant

6. How to create an offer?

Tap to merchant profile and then click on create offer and follow next. Created offer can be edited anytime from Show Offer tab.

7. What is selling enable?

Selling enable will allow Offer Zone to deliver product to customer doorstep through purchase or gift option.

8. How do I get notification when any customer placed order of my product?

As soon as order is placed you will get SMS notification into your registered mobile number instant. Customer and Offer Zone admin will also get same notification instantly.

9. How can I edit / change my PIN / Password?

You can edit/change your PIN / Password in your profile page after logging into your account. Alternatively, you may also submit e-mail to our support from your registered e-mail address if you want to us to reset the PIN / password for you

10. How can I recover my PIN / Password if I lost it?

Send an e-mail to our support from your registered e-mail address if you want to us to reset the PIN / password for you.

11. What is Track Sales?

You can see the progress and monitor your sales through Track Sales.

12. What is Availed Offers?

Offers which already availed by Offer Zone registered customer from your shop or store by visiting physically.

13. How can I know my due balance of sold items?

You will find your available credit in the show balance.

14. How Offer Zone pay me for my sold goods?

Offer Zone will pay into your provided account / number at certain payment cycle.

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